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Hospice and Healing Choir

Serving patients, caregivers, families, and the community.

Appropriate music to provide comfort and care for all.

Hospice Singing

"Your songs were lovely. My mother, whose eyes had been closed for days, opened her eyes and smiled. What a gift of comfort to us all. I recommend TraverSing with a grateful heart." 

~ Amy

Who are we?

An outreach project of Two Rivers Community Choir and Collective Companioning,  TraverSing serves families and communities experiencing grief, as well as end of life journeys. Through singing, healing is facilitated, and new pathways are discovered. 


What do we do?​

We provide a calm and gentle presence, singing simple songs from many traditions, which offer solace and peace to clients, families, and caregivers alike. Our singing is contemplative or interactive, depending upon the situation. 

What do we provide? 

Hospice and palliative sings for shut-ins, assisted living facilities, or in the privacy of your own home.


Does it cost anything for a visit?

We offer our services by donation, or free of charge, depending upon each situation.  Our singing can 

ease the pain of temporary or chronic health  through music, as well as provide a healing ground after trauma and loss. providing comfort, ease, and peace of mind.

Additional Information

An individual visit lasts usually 20 minutes. We are always sensitive to the situation, singing in both unison and harmonies, and we offer our voices as gifts, rather than as a performance. In group settings, we encourage participants to join in the song; healing is remarkably spontaneous when we join our voices together. 

Director Marybeth Hallinan is a trained choral conductor and hospice volunteer. Hallinan holds a deep respect and reverence for the hospice and palliative environment. She is capable of leading singers toward this end, and providing an exceptional experience for singers, patients, families and caregivers.

Our service is offered free of charge to patients, although we would gratefully accept donations to further our mission.

Please contact Marybeth for more information.

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