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A collaborative of private caregivers dedicated to preserving elders' autonomy. 

Collective Companioning offers hiring, scheduling, and coordination of private caregivers. 

Our services include, but are not limited to:  

  • access to a team of gifted and qualified individuals with decades of collective experience

  • shopping, errands

  • managing calendar, care, and caretakers as needed

  • medication reminders/management

  • household management (overseeing and scheduling repairs, upkeep, etc)

  • personal assistance with emails, Mac/IOS devices, bill paying, and light bookkeeping

  • dr’s appointments, including communication with families

  • meal monitoring, planning, and  preparation

  • light housekeeping, laundry

  • companionship

  • providing full range of services, from respite to hospice care


Initial Intake with Collective Companioning Coordinator includes a home visit to assess and evaluate caregiving needs, and secure and coordinate experienced caregivers as needed.

Coordinator also oversees:

  • orientation/training for caregivers

  • communication and oversight of caregivers

  • billing

  • interface with family, home health care agencies, and other medical providers

  • and other logistical support as agreed upon. 

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