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Meet the Director

Marybeth Hallinan

Since 2004, Marybeth has headed the call to hospice and caregiving, first as a director/singer, then a volunteer, and now, providing direct care to families in need.  

As the founding director of TraverSing hospice and palliative choir, and the coordinator of caregiving teams (ranging from 2 - 10 caregivers), Marybeth is a gifted and sensitive leader. She has an ability to sense what others need, to size up a situation and bring a balanced perspective to complex situations. She expertly curates teams of caregivers which are best suited for each individual. 

Marybeth has a depth of experience gained while assisting family and community members with their ongoing care needs, and has working relationships with the rich local network of private caregivers.  Her training includes HHHCS volunteer training, and multiple trainings in caregiving as well as hospice and palliative care (led by Roshi Joan Halifax--Upaya Zen Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico;  Frank Ostaseski--founder of San Francisco Zen Hospice Project , and author of The Five Invitations: What Death Can Teach us About Living).

Marybeth's philosophy is grounded in service and the power of collective, compassionate caregiving to meet the evolving and autonomous needs of elders. She and her teams provide a balance of experienced, professional, heart-centered and client-centered care. 

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Janet, Hancock, NH

Thank you for the endless support and care...You were a calming presence when I needed it most...The world is fortunate to have people like you in it. 


Jim, Hancock, NH

You and your wonderful business and group of caregivers gave so very much to Sarah and me. I couldn't have dreamt of a better group of people - so very generous to me. 

Not a day passed without thinking how lucky I've been.

Pete, Hancock, NH 

No words can express our deep appreciation for the love and kindness shown to our dear elder friend who was in the care of Collective Companioning for five months.  


The owner, Marybeth, and her staff consistently went the extra mile to keep her happy, safe, healthy, and clean during a period when her memory and awareness suffered greatly.  


They were always there like family, tending to her every need. This gave my wife and I some time to get away, knowing our friend was in good, caring hands.  


I would highly recommend Marybeth and her friends if you need caregivers whom you can trust to create a loving environment for those in need of just that."

Carol, Greenfield, NH 

You, earth angel, not only orchestrated the last chapter in [our loved one's] life, but lived it with her. 

Thank you for your compassion, love, support and for being an outstanding leader. 

Comforting Hands
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